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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default I'm ready to build!

I started reading this thread 11 days ago. After 8453 eyes hurt. I resisted the urge to post anything before now (and submitting my cattle call first) and it was worth it.

READ THE THREAD... kept coursing through my mind along with "KISS" every time I started dreaming up ideas to add to this basic cooker. I've jotted down notes as I go although I wish I had found the post about bookmarking posts...sooner than I did. I was very happy to learn many things along the way and am fairly sure I am ready to go.

So....... Harbor Freight shopping list- Check....... Steel Yard shopping list-Check..........Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes shopping list- Check Check Check.

OK..OK....I'll admit that on day 3 of reading, I found a Kingsford table top grill at a garage sale and bought it for parts.

I have a lot of parts here already and plan to get started soon. Update with pictures forthcoming!
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