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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
"Conveniently laid off" is not something you hear every day. Best of luck to you brother and get that UDS built. That will definitely pass the time.
Lol. Its one of those things - did my job well enough that they don't need a full-time guy to do it anymore. (I ran 450 servers that handled ~50mil active user websites/stores/etc. When I got there, they desperately needed at least 3 guys. Now, they feel can do it with a consulting company a few hours a week. Oops..)

Back on topic tho (this thread is long enough!) I've got 3 (and a spare) 4"x1" nipples and figure on resting the fire grate (weber + expanded metal) right on those, with one run up 24" (outside but below the lid) for a ball joint and one rigged to the stoker. Looks like the "early days" the thinking went 1/2, 3/4, 1", 3/4.. am I gonna hate the 1" or will it work for me?

I'm debating not doing a huge burn to clean it out - its a varnish/acetone barrel thats been open (bung) for a month or two empty. If it is anything like the first two its unlined.. (We built a wood-stove style double drum smoker over the summer. Royal pita.. I don't recommend it..)

Update: Just got to the hose-barb-thermometer port - is that still the best answer? Need to pass rocksbbq stoker probes in, and it seems like the brass fittings will work really well for that. (In fact, I'm thinking of adding them to the WSM as well - made the mistake once of pushing 2 probes through 1 passthrough. Where they then stayed for a month until I absolutely -had- to get them out...that was an adventure..)

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