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Looking over some of the other entries, It seems to me that this is going to be one heck of a throw down.
Since I am able to enter more than one dish I would like to bring another shot at the field. My first entry was, I feel, rather weak. The food was good, but it is not really going to compete well. I kinda think that I owe it to myself to try again since this is such a powerful field. I also think that I should have done a better job for my competitors.
With that said, I'd like to add this second entry.
This meal was made on Friday evening. This is a simple Fajita. I made it on the weber performer.
I was told to make dinner Friday evening, but was not given any idea of what to do. I went to the grocery store with little idea of what to make. I saw the tortillas, ran into some inexpensive cuts of beef (I forgot what the cut was called) nabbed the nicest looking Romaine Lettuce, and went home.

I marinated the meat in a bowl of fresh squeezed orange juice for a few hours. The peppers, green onions, and bean sprouts are from my garden.

This whole meal (minus cheese and bean sprouts) hit the grill at some point. In the top of the pic, you will see an heirloom tomato called "yellow ping pong" below them you see some "Marconi Red" peppers, the corn is a bi color super sweet, and some scallions.

I used my traditional pan for transporting the cooked food to the kitchen, staging it on a potting bench I made. The table sees more food and cooking stuffs than it does potting.

Served on a paper plate, the fajita was topped with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese.

There ya have it, Fajitas.

Please use the third picture of this post as my entry. It is the pic of the whole meal.
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