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Cool Baby Bullet Smoker Build - In A Nutshell.

Here's the collected photos of the Baby bullet build.

The Vasconia Tamale Steamer pot from Amazon.

Fit test -Sitting on the SJG bottom with the lid in place

The bottom cut out using my jigsaw and a fine tooth hacksaw blade. You can see the 3/4" SS machine screws used for grate rests. After the first smoke, I replaced two of the rests on one side with 1/2" SS machine screws to make it easier to get the grates in and out. Top rests are 3 1/4' down, bottom rests are 7 1/4" down.

I used SS Acorn nuts on the outside ends of the grate rests, Safe AND pretty.

The grates have about 1/8" cearance from the sides of the cooker.

Next came the cooking grate thermometers installed about 3/4" below each cooking grate.

I then added a "water tight" fitting for inserting the cooking thermometers. You can find these in the electrical aisle in Lowe's or Home Depot. 1/2" NM/SE Connector.

You will need to buy a 1/2" Rigid Nut for the fitting:

I used a #4 Step Drill to drill the hole for the fittng.

I picked up two 12"x24" 18 ga. expanded metal sheets at Lowe's to make the charcoal basket. I used offset aviation snips to cut a piece of it into a circle the size of the original charcoal grate. I also cut some 3' wide strips to make the sides. I then wired the bottom to the old grate with SS safety wire, and then cut the sides to fit around the grate. The sides are fastened together with 1/2" SS machine screws and SS fender washers. The sides were then fastened to the bottom with SS safety wire.

And finally... it's COOKIN"!!

Things still to do:
  1. Apply high temp silicone in the lip of the SJ lid to help seal it better.
  2. Replace the handle with a Marty Leach handle (already ordered.)
  3. Figure out some method to make the SJ air vents seal better when closed.
  4. Replace the El Cheapo pit thermometers with Tel-True.
  5. Make a floor stand to hold this at a better level to work with.
That's the Baby Bullet Build in a Nutshell.
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