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Yes, just the one except when it dropped down to 150*, then I opened 1 and the another one had the cap just almost to the end of the threads.

I think when the ball valves are installed it will be a lot easier to maintain a more accurate temp....

Another thing with the lump charcoal, they seemed to light off finally just before I took off the Q and foiled it. If I used it again, I think I would just use it by itself. But then I'd worry it might be to hot if I loaded the basket like I did with the Kingsford and Lump mix. But I'm relatively inexperienced when using charcoal anyway. I haven't cooked with charcoal in 20 years maybe. I went to using gas, when it was cool to switch. I even had my little Charbroil "bullet" open bottom H2O smoker converted to gas, and smoked only with chunk wood over the propane flame...... and I did that because the open bottom was such a bad design for using it with charcoal.

The bottom line for me was it was a success! The Boneless Rib Loin Back meat was good and tender. And I was rushing the first cook in it, by cooking so late. I had to stay up because I wasn't sure about that cut of meat. I didn't use the 3-2-1 method either because of the lateness of the day. I foiled after 4 hr, and put it my oven to stay cooking at 200*. It was a good breakfast. It had just the right amount of heat from the Cayenne pepper in my rub.

Added the photo's:

These are after I did the first cook last night. The charcoal wasn't really as used up as I thought. The Lump charcoal wasn't hardly touched. The chunks of hardwood barely used. There is some juices in the charcoal, so I may need to install a diffuser for the next time. That may have been the cause of the slow burn of the charcoal. I would like any input on that. I shook out the ash and redistributed the charcoal and put my coffee can back in the center ready for another use light off.
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