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Originally Posted by hankll View Post
It is mostly done. Finished the basket off with a bail handle, but I will need to go back and redesign it a little. And I forgot to take a photo of it before I put charcoal in it and lit it off......

With 2 of the the 3/4" pipe couplings opened, it climbed to 300* before I knew it. I'm now waiting for it to drop down to 225* and crack one back open. I didn't get a Ball valve for it yet, either. I just was running like mad to finish it enough to use it this evening for some Loin Back Boneless Ribs I've been craving.

I went out after a half hour and the temps are at 235* on the rib meat goes..... lid off lay out the rack of rib meat, close the lid and watch the temp go right back to 235* within a few minutes.

All I lack is some handles on each side of the barrel and a shelf to put my cooking thermometer so the probe can be in whatever I'm cooking. And I need to finish the intakes with a ball valve. I don't think it is gonna need two. I thinking about welding the intake close couplings into place. The barrel seemed awfully thin.

I'm pleased with the ability to run temps higher to around 300 plus. I used 3/4" close couplings instead of the 1/2" ones. I'm planning on making the basket hang on the lower grill supports, so I can use it as a charcoal grill for steaks and hamburgers, etc. Sometimes gas is good but sometimes it is better to have charcoal to cook over.

I used SS eye bolts for my shelf hardware, and I stole someones idea of using SS acorn nuts on the outside. Very Good idea! So whoever I stole the idea from, Thanks!
Tonite, I'm just gonna check it at 3 hours and see what it has done.

I mixed Kingsford with Lump Charcoal, and added 6-8 chunks of white oak on top. I was getting moderate smoke when I checked it.

Sorry for the photo, it was getting dark and my Blackberry isn't as good as my Sony camera.
Nice work bro

So did you run the whole time with just one intake open?
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