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Default Catering PP for 250

So it is official, I have committed to catering pulled pork for a wedding of 250 people. I have done several smaller events, and I did chicken thighs for a wedding of 150 people, but never have I done an event of this scale. Recently, I have been getting all the supplies around that I need and developing a process to guide me throughout the catering process. I would love for some of you seasoned veterans to take a look and critique my process as necessary. My general process is outlined below:
  • Obtain 165lbs.* of boston butt from local butcherer. *I am figuring 50% yield, and the projected 250 people is overly conservative.
  • Trim excess fat from butts, season thoroughly with Cimmaron Docs the night before and let sit in large garage fridge over night.
  • Smoke butts (I won't elaborate on this because I realize everyone has their own method).
  • Once butts are finished, wrap in foil and let rest a few hours.
  • Once butts are done resting, pull the meat and pack into Ziploc bags, then dunk in ice water to cool rapidly ( I have a huge 250qt. cooler to utilize for this step).
  • After meat has been safely cooled to a temperature out of the TDZ, place meat into 4" deep hotel pans ( I have six pans, will that suffice?). I will probably add a few dribbles of AJ to the bottom of the pans, and I will spritz some over the top as well.
  • The day of the wedding, I will have my smoker dialed in at 250 and reheat the pulled pork. Do you guys have an estimate on how long this might take?
  • I will be using a 3-bay steam table to serve the meat from, and the lady who is hired to cater everything but the meat will be refilling the steam table as needed, i.e., grabbing the remaining pans from the smoker.
Remember, this is just an outline of my process and lacks minute details, but what do you guys think? Please, don't be afraid to tell me if I am doing something wrong or if you have a better way of doing it. I am ALWAYS willing to learn! Any and all advice is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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