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Default New from Nashville TN; UDS project nearly finished but cooking

Well the cooking part went well, except I had the temp drop to 150* one time. I kicked the bottom a little, and opened up 1 of the intakes, and unscrewed another one almost all the way. Temp came back after about 1/2 hour. I put a flashlight to the vent on top of the Weber lid, and the charcoal seem to be mostly used up and not much smoke being produced. The lump charcoal didn't seem to have taken off, so I'm probably not gonna try it again. The oak was smouldering slightly. When I opened the one intake all the way, the temp went up to 245* and seemed to stay put. I let it alone until the 4 hr mark and check internal temp. It was 163* I took them off and put my sauce on them and wrapped it up in foil. I'll let it set in my oven at 200* until morning, and have it shut off about another 4 hr from now. This UDS is a little new for me. So since I only lit about 3/4 of a chimney with charcoal, and only put maybe 10# around the lit center well, and the added 6-8 pieces of lump, plus the chunks of oak, it was still put out enough temp at 225* to do the job for who knows how much longer. But I will try again, after I have put at least one ball valve on. I believe it will make a noticeable difference in the temp control.
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