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1. Where do you sell? Do you cater? Do you sell at fairs, parades, farmers markets? A roadside stand? Mostly catering, a few select festivals.
2. Where do you prepare your food? In a rented kitchen? At home? Has this area been inspected and approved by the HD? Mobile kitchen, fully inspected and approved by the HD
3. Do you have a business license and/or tax ID? Yes, and insurance
4. How much money do you generate, without subtracting expenses or labor? Depends on the size of the gig. Biggest single project this year was $4,500
5. Anybody ever sell BBQ at a stand on the road? Food trucks and roadside vending are illegal in the suburb I live in. Other nearby cities barely tolerate them, the rules and licensing requirements are oppressive, so I don't do that.

I will echo several of the other comments here. Contact the festival organizer and learn what they require. In my state, you can get a temporary permit to vend with a minimum of equipment as long as your food is prepared in a licensed establishment. Good luck.
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