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Default New from Nashville TN; UDS project nearly finished but cooking

It is mostly done. Finished the basket off with a bail handle, but I will need to go back and redesign it a little. And I forgot to take a photo of it before I put charcoal in it and lit it off......

With 2 of the the 3/4" pipe couplings opened, it climbed to 300* before I knew it. I'm now waiting for it to drop down to 225* and crack one back open. I didn't get a Ball valve for it yet, either. I just was running like mad to finish it enough to use it this evening for some Loin Back Boneless Ribs I've been craving.

I went out after a half hour and the temps are at 235* on the rib meat goes..... lid off lay out the rack of rib meat, close the lid and watch the temp go right back to 235* within a few minutes.

All I lack is some handles on each side of the barrel and a shelf to put my cooking thermometer so the probe can be in whatever I'm cooking. And I need to finish the intakes with a ball valve. I don't think it is gonna need two. I thinking about welding the intake close couplings into place. The barrel seemed awfully thin.

I'm pleased with the ability to run temps higher to around 300 plus. I used 3/4" close couplings instead of the 1/2" ones. I'm planning on making the basket hang on the lower grill supports, so I can use it as a charcoal grill for steaks and hamburgers, etc. Sometimes gas is good but sometimes it is better to have charcoal to cook over.

I used SS eye bolts for my shelf hardware, and I stole someones idea of using SS acorn nuts on the outside. Very Good idea! So whoever I stole the idea from, Thanks!
Tonite, I'm just gonna check it at 3 hours and see what it has done.

I mixed Kingsford with Lump Charcoal, and added 6-8 chunks of white oak on top. I was getting moderate smoke when I checked it.

Sorry for the photo, it was getting dark and my Blackberry isn't as good as my Sony camera.
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