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Default The Worst Sausage in the History of Sausage

This is the worst sausage ever! My wife brought this stuff home and said she thought it would be good. I took one look at what was in it and dismissed it right away. Well, I had a lite dinner and was hungry tonight while watching the pre-season football game and the only thing in the fridge were those sausages.

I looked them over and read the ingredients. Chicken sausage with maple syrup. It sounded revolting. But, it was the only thing in there. I decided to give two of them a go and thought that if I loaded them with 3Eyez rub, mustard and hot sauce that I could eat them.

I couldn't eat them. They tasted like bland ground meat with sugar in it and smelled like a sweet greasy corn dog. I fed one to the dogs and have this one left that I will feed to the dogs tomorrow.

What are these people thinking with this stuff anyway?

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