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So far I've been very happy with this grill from Sam's.

I've not taken the time to update the thread but I've used all three cooking surfaces and have had no problems. The gas and charcoal sides are each 360 sq inches. You can not snuff out the coals but I do like the feature of being able to get to the coals without removing the grates.

I've used the charcoal side for burgers, tenderloin, and chops. I've used the gas side for brats, burgers, chicken satay, and to reheat/grill a TV dinner .

And I've used the infrared for chicken wings and making bacon in a cast iron skillet.

I also have a BGE that is getting a little cranky but for quick grilling and ease of use this is my new goto grill.

Its not a weber and it was a pita to put together but for $250 I'm very happy.
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