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Originally Posted by Chopjaw View Post
How long does the fuel last in the USD?

Also how does the USD hold Temp lets say 225 How many vents do you need? I'm thinking 4 around the btm of the drum. What do you use for a sealant?

Instead of ball valves can you put vent on the btm of the drum?

Do you need to have a gasket around the top?
Here is another UDS thread. First post is a decent tutorial

Don't bother with the hole cutter - the step bit works fine for the 1" hole (harbor freight is your friend for cheep step bits). Don't bother welding it - use conduit nuts, they will thread on the nipples just fine (one on each side will tighten things up nicely). You may not even need them (YMMV), but I did.

If you use dry charcoal - usually you only have the caps removed to light the fire, and work with a fraction of one hole (the one with the valve) to fine tune the fire. If you charcoal is at all damp, you will probably need to remove 1 cap as well.

Generally a full basket of charcoal will give you over 14 hours of burn time - which is enough for pretty much any bbq. I have probably done somewhat longer by cooking multiple meals on the same burn (my record was almost a 24 hr burn - lunch (burgers), dinner (pulled pork and abt's), then an overnight brisket for lunch the next day. My set up is different though in that I am VERY frugal with my charcoal. I have a single centered and baffled intake that is attached to a fan and a digital thermostat. This is my second UDS, the first was fully traditional.
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