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Default New from Nashville TN; UDS project started

I got some of the hard stuff out of the way today. I work on the lid fit up to the rim of the drum, and got that fit I wanted without having it jam or stick on there from being too tight.

Welded up my expanded metal charcoal pot, which is 10"h x 15" across diameter, welded to the Weber Charcoal grate. I had the small piece of expanded metal for the bottom and cut it to fit. I likey. It should keep the original grate from disintegrating away on me. I didn't have very much scrap expanded metal after the pot build was finished. I bent the bottom of the expanded metal out to form a flat lip to make it easier to weld onto the inside the edge of the Weber grate. The barrel end I cut out is still a work in progress, I still need to do some more beating on it. I have a cut down tree with a stump about that size, I may get my chain saw and do a little free hand carving on the stump. Once I do that I should be able to beat $ell out of it so I can bend the edges more into a high sided pan. I plan for it to set on the floor, with the spacer bolts holding the charcoal pot bottom at 2" for it. I'll also have a All thread coming from the grate bottom with a formed hook on it for me to hook it and get it up out of there.

Did the burn out, and it should be just clean the remaining paint off repaint with high heat paint. I'll clean out the inside a little, to get any of the fire soot out.

I think other than these photo's, that is it for now
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