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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Only on post 5355 and this is my 1st post after the cattle call. Got my drum started so I figured I'd chime in. Google was nice enough to show all the other brothers that have used easy off to get the red lining out - thanks google.

First I sprayed a test spot and not much really happened. So I sprayed what was left (about 3/4) in the can put the lid on and let it sit 24 hours. The lid still had the rubber gasket and I put the lockring on for good measure.That bitch was sealed. About 80% came out with just the hose didn't even touch it. The 20% was a big patch toward the bottom that I must not covered too well. Sprayed 2nd can and sealed for 24 hours. Hosed it out again and it was at least 95% bare metal.

The local FD said no burning this time of year. I was on my cell so I'm going with he broke up when he said no. Figured if I could get the lining out and used some hardwood fireplace logs there would be minimal black plums of burning lining and cheap pine. Burned the thing for like 6 hours and no visitors! Rock on. Not looking forward the wire wheel part but I'm pushing past that cause I want some Q! Thanks everybody who has contributed to this thread.
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