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Dual Probes, one for pit, the other for meat.
programmable 4 temperature stages.
PID output to control speed of blower, in turn pit temperature.

As there are too many data to input, better to write down on paper.

Stage I, 100C, 240 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 95C, high temperature alarm 105C
Stage II, 105C, 120 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 100C, high temperature alarm 110C
Stage III, 110C, 60 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 105C, high temperature alarm 115C
Stage IV, 115C, 30 Minutes, low temperature Alarm 110C, high temperature alarm 120C

Whenever meat reaches 110C, it will keep 110C for 10 minutes, then keep meat temperature at 60C forever.

You can choice display in F or C.

If you are familiar with PID thermostat, you can do your own settings of other parameters.
In case you set all parameters in mess, you can reset to original settings.

If you want to have strength of fire by your eyes or your experience, you can simply press Auto/Man button to use manual mode. Simply by pressing "+" or "-" button, you adjust speed of blower and in turn strength of fire.

Price of the PID thermostat US$158.

Price of 50CFM blower US$20
Stainless Steel Mounting Flange US$15

Rain Proof Stainless Steel Box with Mounting Flange US$30

Package price of thermostat + blower + SS flange = US$128
Package price of thermostat + blower + SS Rain Proof Box = US$138

Distributors are wanted, as soon as we find distributors, we will quit direct sales by our self. Or we will sell at same retail price as thermostat of US$58, blower of US$20, SS Flange of US$15, SS rain Proof box US$30.
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