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I'll try to do some detailed photo's as I go with the build.

I stopped today and bought the expanded metal for the charcoal basket. 11" x 48" for the wall of the basket, and a piece of expanded metal 13" x 17" to beef up the floor of the grill grate, which in my case is a little rusty and corroded, so I wanted it to last more than a few burns. The whole amount for the pieces of 9 gauge expanded metal was only $15.92 tax included.

So with my Drum (free), the Weber grill ($45), and the expanded metal ($15.92) that is just under $61.00.......I have a electronic sensor thermometer, and I have a manual dial probe thermometer for the interior temp monitoring. So the only expense left is the hardware for the cooking grills to hang on, and I want to buy another cooking grill at Wally's Garden Ctr ($12) plus I need to come up with an ash pan to add to the bottom of the charcoal pot. I should come in under $80 for this UDS project. I'll keep a tally as I go. I may under estimate the bolts/nuts and ball valves costs. I won't count my welding time and I may use my Vets advertising magnets for my intake openings for a while until I've got more Moolah in the wallet.
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