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Default Entry number dos... Well kind of...

Here is entry number dos into the Noob Throwdown...

As posted earlier, fresh salmon was on sale this last weekend:

Here was the fish unwrapped:

Spices and ingredients for the prep:

The lemon, onion, dill and spices all stuffed and ready to go:

A little art my daugher made in the first grade we keep around the kitchen:

Another piece of home made art one of my fellow workers gave me for good luck when I got laid off earlier this year:

Ciabata bread, garlic cheese spread and some other funky art we have in the kitchen:

Traeger up to speed and blue smoke ready:

About an hour in for smoke before cranking up the heat:

Ciabata bread with garlic cheese spread ready to go in the oven:

Spinach salad with turkey bacon, eggs and balsalmic vinegar:

Ok... Here's where things went a little sideways... Mrs Czervik got tired of me farking around with the camera when the fish was done. The bread was done, the salad was ready, the natives were hungry and restless and it was time to eat. I figured this was one battle not worth fighting so we plated and ate. I wasn't able to get any plate shots unfortunately. I pretty much terminated half of the ciabata bread all on my own. Here however are two LAME shots of the the salmon after we were done...

It was tender, juicy and very good. Sorry for the anti climatic ending...

Thanks for looking...

Come on Goose Egg!!!

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