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Default Ugly Drum Smoker/Tandoor Hybrid?

I've been reading the forums and the DIYs and all that and I'm intruiged by two concepts - the Ugly Drum Smoker, and the Drum Tandoor.

What I'm wondering is if this sort of thing could be hybridized in some way.

See, here's the deal - I've wanted to own/build a small tandoor for YEARS. I've also wanted to own/build a good smoker for roughly the same number of years. So after seeing a few different things I thought, hey, I could build one of these! But I can't afford to build both. So I started wondering if maybe I can do a 2-for-1 kind of deal, with the right design. Might not be 100% perfect in either capacity, but since I'm on a budget and it'll like outclass anything I own in either regard, I'm willing to make a few sacrifices.

I realize they're almost polar opposites in terms of concept, but since things like kamodos exist that can do both with teh right kind of cajoling, it strikes me that it really comes down to an engineering question of heat-retention and airflow.

So I was thinking, with a 55-gal drum, I could set up a tandoor-like clay/refractory chamber with an adjustable air inlet, in the bottom half, which could conceivably get really hot (maybe not actual tandoor-hot, but a lot hotter than any other grill I own), or if I'm doing my sums right with properly managed airflow stay at the right temp for a good smoulder, and then above that chamber suspend the smoker racks. Since I'm not a competative BBQer I really only need enough space for a few items, so if I'm reduced to one rack, so be it.

So, am I thinking clearly on this or am I perhaps out of my mind? Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Any advice?
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