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This is my first TD entry. This entire meal was done on the grill. All the vegetables came straight from our garden that my daughter and I grow together.

Zucchini was picked day before grilling and marinated in an Italian dressing.

Corn was picked day of grilling and soaked in water bath for 4 hours before hitting the grill.

Chicken breasts were marinated in a "Lemon-Pepper" rub my wife and I made.

Ribeye steaks were marinated in a rub overnight. Rub was purchased from The Spice House, it's called "Chicago Steak Seasoning" I cut slits into the steak and added some "Siberian" Garlic which was grown in our garden to my steak.

Unfortunately, my daughter's braces do not allow her to eat corn on the cob, so we had to take hers off the cob. My wife and I decided to do the same for her in a show of unity.

Veggies were grilled over "Cowboy" Lump charcoal.
Chicken was grilled over KF and a few small pieces of maple wood.

Steak was grilled over KF and some stray pieces of Hickory and a bit of lump charcoal. I like my steak well done, sorry. It was still juicy though. My wife and daughter had theirs medium.

Overall, the meal turned out well. Chicken was juicy. So much so, that the girls kept taking pieces of it while we were still outside. The steaks were very tender, almost able to be cut with a fork. The vegetables were quite a hit. I'm not a grilled zucchini fan but my wife loves it. I made that for her.

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