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Ok, so I pulled the flat around 185ish and seperated the two and put the flat in the cooler and the point back on the smoker. When it hit 200ish, I brought it in cubed it up...damn, it was tasty then, but added more rub and sauce and put back on the smoker. I let the flat sit in the cooler for about 3.75 hrs before I was skeered and decided to go ahead and slice it up. It was super juicy and tender and it pulled apart like it should have but the color was disappointing. Hardly any pink to show the smoke ringe. The temp was 152 when I sliced the flat. Overall, I have alot to learn on this cut of meat or should I say practice. I knew I was going to have problems when I let it cook fat side down for 3hrs and when I flipped it, there was like a bunch of rubb clumped together, why would it do that. I had marinated the brisket in some mesquite marinade for close to 8hrs. Spinkled with Lawrys season salt and then made a mixture of course salt,black pepper,lemon pepper,canadaian streak rub(alot of thick chunks) and some cumin,and cayenne pepper and some garlic powder. Thanks to everyone for the help today. I have read and read on smoking brisket and when it came down to it, I kinda freaked out. Anyway, I will try to post some pics if I get it figured out. Its been a while. Think I might stick to the pork
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