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i just tried some in my sj for some quickish grilling. i think i found my new love. sure its takes a very little bit longer to start but no biggy at all. yes, they seem a bit hotter but for me thats a plus. so with a very little ash covering them i started to grill some thin beef. nice light char and the heat seemed to drop a little but then maintained. cooked four of these beef slices two at a time. same results for the second round as the first. then i cooked four pork steaks two at a time. same results. seems this stuff maintains its heat no matter the ash buildup on the coals. also the outside coals stayed lit just as the inner ones. this is not like regular charcoal were the outer stuff tends to die down. this stuff for sure lasts longer than regular briq. so this morning i checked the remains. had to knock off the ash. i don't see ash buildup as a problem. the remaing briq were still a fair size and did not easily break apart at all. so i give this stuff a !
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