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Default Brisket on, need quick answers

I put a 11 lb packer on at 345 this morning and got temp up to 225 before putting it on. 3 hrs later when I checked it before leaving to go to work, it was about 215 so not knowing how long I would be at work, I filled my basket plum fool charcoal and closed the vent most of the way. When I came home 1.5 hrs later, it was at 300, not sure for how long. When I checked the flat in 2 different spots it was a little over 170 and the point at 158. Does this sound right and how do I get a juicy piece of meat out of this now? Should I foil now, as I was wanting to make burnt ends but also want going to eat until 3 today. Thanks brethren, any help is greatly appreciated
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