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One thing I would note, the Night Train experiment is really about getting the texture right. While it can and usually does produce a tasty product, it is really about learning how a properly done brisket will feel. Properly braising meat is an art in itself, and about as far from baking as you can get. If I was to be preparing a brisket for eating, I would probably add more liquid and braise it a little longer. I am not a big believer that you need fat cap for moisture in a brisket, I have just not had the experience that a bigger fatcap leads to a moister brisket. And yes, I am basing this on hands on experience.

I really beleive you will find a better product comes from charcoal or wood burning, than propane or electric cookers. But, in the end, even if you use a propane smoker, you will end up with a good product that is very edible. I recommend you do another NT brisket, see what happens and really consider getting a smoker, propane or charcoal.
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