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Originally Posted by shiva View Post
In hindsight, the resting period did seem a little short (I reread the NT post and it gave a range, with 30m being on the low end). With all this talk about tempermental cuts, I also believe the trimmed fatcap may have contributed. I bought the steak at walmart and they blacked out the fat side, so I couldn't gauge how much fat there was (I was actually worried it was all fat and I was wasting good money). Too many variables, will have to just try it again and make a note of what, if anything, I changed.

In the mean time I'm also researching smokers in the $200 - $250 range. WSM 18" looks good, but I'm wondering if a propane one would be easier since I don't really have too much time to master this craft . I saw some posts of how easily a propane smoker will hold 225F and it's tempting to go that route...
I have a GOSM and it is fairly good at holding temps as long as you've got very good isolation from wind. You'll also want to do some minor mods on it involving the chip box and water/drip pan. Nothing wrong with them and I still love mine. BUT. I much prefer using my Weber Kettle/Cajun Bandit conversion (a virtual WSM) or even just my kettle. Once you've become profficient on these they're fairly set and forget too. The flavor beats the heck out of the GOSM. Whatever you decide on you'll always get friendly advice from fellow members.
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