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Originally Posted by CarolinaQue View Post
I highly doubt that Myron is using green wood exclusively. With that said, it's not unusual to see an occasional "green" log get thrown on a fire. But I don't think that there's any way a stick burner could run all green wood. Not only would it put out to much white smoke and cause the food to be bitter, but I don't think that you would get enough BTU's out of it to get a good temp.

As far as the OP, I agree with using only seasoned wood chunks in a WSM. The dryer the wood, the cleaner the smoldering smoke.
Myron uses wood that still has a ton of sap, so I'm pretty sure It's good and green. Not saying you're full of bs, but at the same time not saying he is least that's what he shows on tv... What you're saying does sound very logical, so maybe he is full of it on the shows.
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