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I just paid $350 for grillkings and $250 for Ashbury park.

Meat costs first? Depends on how you want to go. if your happy with minimal meats and hope for the best on a single butt or brisket, then...

ribs 30 bucks for a 3 pack.
butts 10 bucks each.
brisket 15 buck.
package of chicken 10 bucks.

Some incidental food, pack of burgers and buns, Few heads of lettuce for turn in.... a few sodas, sleep in the truck or tent, and your set. Use one cooker, or WSMs and 40lbs of charcoal(HD 10 bucks) and a little wood.

so theoretically, u can do it for 65 bucks for meat and 100-200 for food and fuel. Add in the entry fees and your around 500 bucks.

BUT.. heres what happenes (to me anyway)....

I do at least 2 butts and 2 briskets, sometimes 3 of each. At least 2 family packs of thighs and at least 6-9 racks of ribs (then add in shipping of prime briskets from 1500 miles away and meat costs go thru the roof.) 225 for meat at least, and thats just competition meat, and purchased locally at a wholesaler. Also 8-12 heads of various lettuce.

Now, us stick burners..... typically use at least 3 20 lb bags of lump, sometimes 5. Depends on when stuff gets wrapped and weather. Until its wrapped. i use alll wood, but once its wrapped, i switch to charcoal. Figure about 75 for fuel + wood.

a cooler of drinks and water you need ALOT of water bottles. Stand in an asphalt parking lot in the middle of July.. GETS HOT. figure 100 bucks here. Minimal beer, only for guests. The team usually does not embibe(sp). We drink water or ice tea.

Now lets discuss the party. ( I know tim and dave dont like this part.... but its easy to get dave to let his hair down. :) )
Night before turnin.. its a party... parties required insane amounts of food. :) Sausage rings the size of pizzas.. $30. 20lb Prime ribs $120, Scallops, $25, few bottles of flavored vodkas $50, watermelons, corn, etc......... then all the papergoods, pans, tablecloths... etc.... add 300-500 for the party least.. I dont drink, but i do kick back and party till around midnight... in between prepping and brining.. and getting the butts and briskets in.

If ya need a hotel room.. add 100 bucks/night...

So... Up to you how ya wanna do it, bare bones or go nuts, or find someplace in between. You can go for 200-300 over entry fee, or make a party out of it and dump 1500.

Then add the cost of all the stuff you will buy after your first barebones competition bites you with the bug... and ya wont even blink buying stoves, lights, tents, trailers, tables, etc..... damn, I just spoke to a competitior that brings an air conditioner with him to put in the tent. So even if ya go bare bones.. if that competition bug bites you.... hold on tight.... and dont look at your bank statemnet for a few months.

hey, its a hobby for some and a business for others, both both are gonna cost $$$. Its entirely up to you to set a budget and live within the means.. But some frindly advice.. watch out for that damn bug. :)
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