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Another couple of thoughts:

The entry fee is only the tip of the iceburg. A normal (regional trip) for Southern Brethren usually runs the "team" $500-$700 plus personal expenses.


Entry fee: $250
Comp meat: $100
Charcoal/propane: $50
Breakfast Food/Drinks/Ice: $50

Then we get to: gas for vehicles, possible motel (we're cheap and don't do this), road meals, etc.

Don't forget: trailer, cooker(s), wood supply, condiments, rub ingredients. And: adult beverages (again, we don't do this much), Friday night party food.

If you do MIM events: special tables, decorations, fences, canopies, mimes & dancing girls (kidding).

I hope you get the idea - the entry fee is a small part of what it costs to go out and play. We usually get out for $250-300 each but we're are cheap and sleep in the trucks a lot! Though Tim's motorcoach is a nice recent addition - but the expenses go up a bit due to fuel costs.

Please don't get discouraged with the costs. Sometimes it's cheaper. The best way to control cost the first time out is to pick an event fairly close to home (day trip distance) and avoid motels, restaurant meals, etc. Also, and this sounds bad, don't drag the wife, kids, kids best friends, mother-in-law, etc. - that really runs up the room & board $$$. :D When my wife goes I usually take the camp trailer and generator - she refuses to sleep in the truck or on a lawn chair at the site and WILL NOT use a porto-potty! It's either that or she day trips over on Saturday morning to help with box prep and such.

Now if you have deep pockets all these rules are off! (Yes, Phil, I'm talking about you! :D)
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