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Found some matches.
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On the zinc issue and as I had stated I had to use zinc bolts for the charcoal basket due to the lousy selection from hd and will soak with vinegar and hit them with a torch. As you see one of the replies basically said you would have to disintegrate your food before its a problem. After reading this entire thread going back and forth on that issue found something interesting in my research. Decided not to go the Weber route for now, was looking at the wally world uniflame 22.5 grill for 40 bucks to use the lid and some other parts, clicked on the parts list. I could not even guess how many of these they sell but lets assume its a big number. The charcoal grate is zinc coated, not sure if its different zinc than a bolt is coated with but it says zinc coated. I assume if it was harmful some law firm would have been more than happy to sue them. Might be totally off base as I am a newbie but it is interesting food for thought. u guys and gals are great, gonna get mine done by end of weekend and get it dirty.
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