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Here is a pic of the bacon sliced using the meat slicer my Dad gave me. I sliced all of the bacon, wrapped it in plastic, and put it in the freezer. I am very pleased with the bacon and will be making more as I need it.

Here is a pic of the site at the back end of a field in my Dad's property where he used to keep his hog pen.

This is a pic of the site of the original smoke house. It was under the tree in the center of this pic.

In the late '70s, my Dad built this cinder block building and used it as the smoke house. It isn't used for that nowadays. If you look closely at the left end you can see where a door has been removed and blocks installed. That is where the door was for the portion of the building that was used to smoke the pork.

I was talking to my Dad recently about curing pork and he told me that when he was younger living at home his father would raise hogs, cure the meat and sell the bacon, hams, loins, and shoulders and use the money to buy fat back, sugar, salt, and pepper. He said he rarely ever had ham when he was young. His parents would plant their own wheat and corn and have it ground for flour and they would raise sorghum and have it pressed and boiled down to make syrup.

He told me that every year a man would come through the community with a mule drawn sorghum press. Everyone would bring their sorghum to the place where the press was set up and the sorghum would be pressed to extract the juice that was collected in large pans. I googled sorghum press and found these pics. My Dad said that by the time every one's sorghum was pressed the muled would have wore a circular trench where he was walking to turn the mechanism in the machine.

My Dad described a "boiler" that would hold an 8 foot log that was set on fire. Over the fire were three large pots that the syrup was cooked in to thicken it. This is a pic of one of those sorghum cookers.

When every one's sorghum was pressed and simmered down to syrup, the press was packed up and the mule would pull it to the next community.
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