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Originally Posted by Mike W View Post
Some folks have been asken me to show how I built my racks so here are some more picts.

You can get away with bolts on just one rack but I like the ability to swap out the racks mid cook top for bottom etc. I do some small catering gigs where I cook 3 shoulders per rack. The bottom rack would get done about 3 hrs sooner so now I swap halfway when I foil. The racks can be lifted out with ease. The bolts let the racks act as a stand/table with meat on the racks. I can quickly pull the racks and meat out and close the lid back up. I'll foil than swap rack positions. Having two levels of support bolts (bolted through the drum) doesn't allow for this since your bottom rack will get hung up on the top bolts. I also put my thermometer below the bottom rack. It again is just for looks. It runs about 40 degrees cooler at that level than the center of the top rack.

Here I have a third rack that sits on the top rack. This will allow me to cook two to three racks of spares (St Louis) Rib tips go on the bottom rack. We cook 4 racks for competitions and this method allows me to cook em flat without a rib rack. I also foil ribs so again they can lay flat two racks per rack. This also works for chicken pieces.

Here I have my third rack (rib rack)

I used pure non plated steel bolts. Hardware total for two racks $5. Stanless steel will set you back $40. These bolts are coated with oil when you buy em to prevent rust. I got mine at Gnahl Lumber (So Cal). My rack bolts that go through the drum are stainless and all other hardware is stainless.

I figured someone would ask about my basket set up so here are some picts. I also picked up a 2x20 aluminum cake pan at a local bake shop. You can also find em online. I’ve seen people use galvanized oil pans but that has led, and I’m kind of against my kids growing a tail. I used two kettle coal grates at 90 degrees. This is to hold lump better. If ya use briquettes I don’t think it’s necessary. I also have a container of used deep fry oil and a paint brush. I paint all metal after each cook with a coat of oil to keep the rust off.

This has deffinatly become an addiction. What I love most is scoring higher than folks on $8000 cookers. These little things turn out (in my opinion) the best bbq. Thanks for viewing and sharing your's too. Most of all have fun!


Thanks Mike W

Here is my version of your leg design.
Thanks for the great idea.

This is all welded stainless steel done by my B-I-L

Two racks with 6" legs and one rack with 4-1/2" legs
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