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Default Epic brisket failure-help

Hi all first post and I wish it was better news,
I tried brisket for the first time last night. After alot of research I went for it. I injected with apple juice, brown sugar, salt and a dash of worcester. Applied rub and let sit. I use a large green egg, and a creamic grill store rack, and a DigiQ DX. Placed the (8lb before trimming USDA choice from Costco) brisket on top rack 6", and drip pan under, and stone on lower level. Pecan chunks on and set DigiQ to 225 and went to bed a few hours later. At 12 hours I pulled it off.(too early? just had a bad feeling about it) Internal temp was 175, and it sat there for hours, I woke up and checked it through the night, also spritzed it with apple juice.

Now the bad part, it was so dry and tough, I just threw it away, wasn't even worth chopped BBQ. What happened? Why are my temps stagnating at 175? (going to check probe calibration today) I know there is a plateau and I saw it I think. Should it be room temp going on or refer temp. Please help, Thanks in advance
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