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As always I humbley thank the community for their help and support.. Here is what I have done so far:

-Spatchcocked two chickens (One into halves for easy handling and the second whole ala Steven Raichlen style via youtube)
-I put each bird into a ziplock bag and marinaded them in a Vadalia Onion dressing. I couldn't find an injectable marinade in Costco, and my Italian dressing packet was expired. So I found this salad dressing and remember reading that someone uses it as a marinade.

My plans tomorrow are to pat dry the birds and sprinkle Plowboys Yardbird rub... come to think of it...perhaps I should experiment and see if I can taste a difference. One with rub and one without.

Get the drum temp 375* +/- for the 1 to 1.5 hours that everyone recommends. Use the mop (butter/lime) and spray (apple juice and cider vinegar) every 30 min or so.

Hopefully I do not get over whelmed and am able to take some pr0n.
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