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OK as intimidating as this may seem I will give it a try..

Originally Posted by tamadrummer View Post
Yup, spatchcock the birds, inject them with Tony Chachere's cajun butter and season under the skin and on the skin with your rub. Baste the birds with butter and lime as you cook them. I also spritz them with 50/50 cider vinegar and apple juice. I like that acidic flavor on the crispy skin.
OK regarding spatchcock I will figure that out...
-Injection: I will look for that if I can't find it I will try some injectable substitute. Perhaps a salad dressing packet mixed with apple juice.
-Basting: do I baste the bird the whole time or is that for the part you said at the end? If I baste the whole time every 30 min or so?
-Spray: spray every 30 min or so? If I am basting the bird can I spray and baste the same time or alternate between spraying and basting?

Originally Posted by tamadrummer View Post
You should not need to flip the bird but one time. At the end when you are ready to crisp up the skin. That is when I put the butter and lime juice on the exposed rib sections.

Enjoy it man. I would also only smoke wood in the first part of the cook. (One load of wood) otherwise it will be over powered on the chix.
-Flip: So the bird should initially be placed skin side up? After I flip the bird, do I need to raise the temp? How many hours before I flip and how long till it's done?
-Temp: What should the grate temp be?
-Do I use a pan under the bird or do I let the drippings go into the firebox?

Tamadrummer I know you not my personal coach but I thank you in advance for you input, your help and your willingness to teach.

BTW: I normally place 3 chunks of cherry wood in the beginning (2 soaked in water and 1 dry)
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