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Default My UDS charcoal basket "breakthrough"

Since I've finally finished my UDS, I got the chance to test my theory for an "O" shaped fire basket (as mentioned in the mother thread: I put a small roll of expanded steel in the middle of my basket. Did a top-down Minion Method burn. I know I'm not the first to try this. In fact, it may not even be the best method, but it seemed to pass the test (inspired by the "diffuser throwdown" I did biscuits today as I seasoned my drum to see how even the heat dispersed without using a diffuser. My goal was to have even heat without burning up fuel so fast like many do with a diffuser. The results:

Biscuits spread out to check for even heat

The bottoms show that the middle was a little hotter, but much more even than without the middle ring

This is after the biscuits had been in for about 30 min. as the temp climbed from 225 to 350. The roll of steel in the middle was really easy as I had a small piece of scrap that I just wire tied together and set in the basket.
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