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One other thing; the sauce MUST compliment the meat flavor. I was judging a contest not terribly long ago where the sauce was presented on the side. This gave us as judges the opportunity to try the Q without the sauce before we put our favorite amount of sauce on it. First thing, right off, that barbecue was fan-darn-tastic. I recognised the sauce from the day before; it won the sauce contest. With these two you're thinking "hey, we have a winner". I though so, and apparently so did most of the judges, UNTIL we put the sauce on the pork and tried it. OOOOOOOPS. The flavors actually conflicted and didn't go well together at all. Of our entries on the table, we all agreed (afterwards when we could discuss our scores) that this combination of sauce and meat took that entry from a walk-in first place (at our table at least) to either 2nd or 3rd at the table, and our scores reflected it.

So, balance, and make certain that the flavors "marry" together well. The sauce should compliment the flavor of the meat; not over-power it; not over-whelm it; and definitely not conflict with it. Just compliment it.

Funny thing, in the contests that offer sauce contests in addition to the sanctioned parts, watch who wins the sauce contest and then see how they do in the barbecue contests. My experience is that it's rare that the winner of the sauce contest places in the top 5 in any category and I cant think of a time when they actually won a category.
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