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this is my first post.. i have been reading through this monstrosity of a post now for the past week.. getting ready to start my build next week.. i have secured a unlied referbed open top barrel and am looking forward to some nice smokey meat.. On a side note.. i am new to smoking too.. but something i have wanted to get into..

few questions..

with regards to the intake vents... it seems the accepted practice here is the 3" holes with the pipe nipples.. 2 capped and 1 ball valve.. with that said.. is there a performance differnece between having the ball valve intake short and stubby right off the barrel vs having it elevated along the side of the barrel? or is it just a cosmetic / not bending over preference?

for the stack.. i was planning on utilizing the 2" bung hold in the lid and threading in a section of pipe and adding an adjustable damper to it.. is that enough of a vent.. i see some barrels have about 8 holes drilled in the top

besides cost.. is there any reason to use Black pipe nipples / caps vs copper?

with Seasoning... is it just spraying PAM on the inside and running it through a burn cycle?.. low and slow or hot?

and my last question.. (for now)... water tray.. i see some people use them.. some don't.. I know there are arguments for direct heat source vs indirect.. i am new to smoking.. is there a preference?

thanks for all your help.. i will post pictures when i start

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