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Default Newb Q: To Sauce or Not To Sauce

So far in our practices we've been working without a finishing sauce (for the most part) but reading here, I'm starting to wonder if that is the way to go. We have a final glaze for the chicken/ribs and I think they stand on their own without saucing. What I'm concerned with is what the judges will think :) And I'm completely undecided about the pulled pork - what I do for home (light and lightly-spicy vinegar toss just to touch it up) is not what I'm expecting the judges to want..

Any suggestions? Anyone out there do well without saucing? (Especially in chicken, it seems like the common advice is "be sure to dip them so they are coated evenly" rather than "does it need to be drowning in sauce?")

I'll get pics of our chicken and ribs this weekend, if that helps.
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