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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Messing around with my first build, I know its not going to be pretty. I have to fix the edge, messed it up when cutting the lip off..... Anyway.

So I decided to play with my new Propane Torch and melt away some of the black paint off this Old drum I took home from work. And underneath the paint read the following:

I had plans to paint it Cubs blue and throw some Cubs logo's on it, now I just feel like leaving it ugly if the "Hot Charcoal Only" survives the burn this weekend.

I cant say this for sure, but this drum may be from the 1940's. My company leases an Old Factory building on a military base, the building we are in used to manufacture Tanks and other War Machinery during WWII. Its been used for some other manufacturing since, but thought this was neat enough to share.
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