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Geez, He's gone and busted it! Ok guys, here's the deal... That family is Chinese Jamaican (I actually know them... yeah small world, right??) but thats not a purely chinese thing. It's a True all round Jamaican thing. I've been making that stuff for years, and I've been planning to move to New Orleans and make MILLIONS off of it!

What it started out as is our local hot sauce we put on Oysters... and for that reason I can never eat oysters in the states cuz you guys dont have this & I'm sorry but your horseradish & cocktail sauce just doesn't even come close! But it can go on all sorts of foods... Predominantly seafoods.

Basically its:
White cane Vinegar
onion/scallion or shallots if yah got em
yes you can add a touch of soy...
and a crap load of scotch bonnets!

You can make it as hot or as sweet as you want and its amazing either way. I'll try get a recipe down for you over the weekend. But remember I'm gonna make MILLIONS off it... so .......

1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder grill/smoker
1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
1 - 20 gal. self-made grill/smoker
1 - 25 gal. self-made vertical smoker
1 - 120 gal. self-made trailer stick-burner
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