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Originally Posted by Michael Cowley View Post
Ok so i tried this today and I dont know what I did wrong but the meat did not pull i let it get to 160 on the smoker then wrapped it in foil over the veggies and beer and ran it to 202 and then i went to shred and there was no way. Not where in it was it ready to be pulled.... I dont know what I did. I need some help. what did I do wrong? I just sliced it up to about pulled sizes and put it in the liquid and am cooking it for the last hour to reduce the liquid...
Don't know. I notice the instructions say to cook to 165* before going to veggies. That doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but maybe it would. Maybe just cook longer next time. It is all about feel, not temp. Maybe your thermometer is off 5 degrees? It would make a difference.

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