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Originally Posted by Garth57 View Post
Good luck, any pics of your rig?
I will post some pics, probably tomorrow.

I did this on a budget, and to be honest if I lived in a larger area probably could have purchased a used setup and been further ahead.

What I wanted to do is be legal and spend as little as possible to get there.

I owned a 2010 6X12 Car Mate trailer with 6' ceilings, so just painted the walls and floor, put in a sink system, coolers, fan and light. I will have to have a 10X10 tent and chafing setup to serve but will get me through until I decide if I want to stay small or get bigger.

I can put in a serving window if I choose, but before cutting up the trailer want to see how this fall goes. If it goes extremely well may sell this trailer and pick up a regular concession trailer.

As of now, this trailer looks like any normal trailer until you open the door. I would guess I have less than $500.00 in the sinks, water heater and pump.
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