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Originally Posted by 1FUNVET View Post
If you have problems with temp controls it could be your pipes.They may be too tall to get a good draft.
I too had been wondering about the vertical pipes, and whether they'd be able to suck enough air into the bottom of the barrel. I decided to split the difference and use 12" up pipes. We'll see how that goes as far as maintaining temps. That's easy enough to change out if I need to just go back to horizontally mounted valves. I also plan to use a few thermometers in my UDS. I'm a "gauge guy" so I plan to have a long stem thermometer in the side, as well as a short one next to it so I can see the temperature difference between the edge and the center. I might put one in the lid, just for the fun of it. But I think it would also be useful to get a cheap-o oven thermometer and set it right on the grate next to the food. That way, when you open the lid to turn the food, you'll be able to see what the temp is right on the grate. If I keep this up, my poor UDS is going to look like the cockpit of a fighter jet!
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