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Originally Posted by Pa_BBQ View Post
Well the only Pulled Pork sandwiches you can get around here are cooked in an oven, and even those are hard to find.
So I would say there is a demand for them.

BBQ is becoming more and more popular and the few people around here that can actually BBQ is rare.

I have been making a living doing photography for the last 8 years, and if you want a career that is becoming over saturated with photographers and a demand that is going away every month that is a great career.

It was not that expensive, I had the trailer & smokers, used craigslist, and to get the sink built and a little elbow grease and paint.

Probably will never get rich doing this, but if it will supplement my income a little will be a fun venture.

One thing I always notice, even in a bad economy is that people will still eat, and pay for good food. Can not say that about pictures anymore.
The wife and I were talking about this very thing coming home the other night. There is a main strip in Shreveport where there is literally miles of road with eateries on both sides of the road. We were driving down this strip the other day and noticed that every parking lot of the eateries were nearly all filled to capacity. And this was during the week. Not on a weekend, which we all know people tend to eat out more. Our society is obsessed with food and convenience. In a bad economy cutting out eating out will be far down on the list of things people decide to cut out in trying to safe money.
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