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Originally Posted by bbqbrad View Post
This is a segment from a post on my BBQ blog from a few years ago at a small cometiton that was local...

The guy who won was next to me. Swept all categories. I tried his ribs and was impressed. Good baby backs. He was giving away free samples to everyone, trying to drum up business for his catering company. But the thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is when I overheard a conversation between him and a guy in a blue shirt with something about a church on the front. Before the judging, the guy tasted a rib, was enjoying it, and told the cook that he was a judge.


Iím not saying that there was cheating. Iím NOT saying that the cook led a judge. But all of us cooks had our team number on the ground next to our cook site (he was 10). And this judge went there and tried the product. Then he went back to the judgeís area and saw the boxes with the number 10 written on top of the boxes in sharpie. And he definitely saw his new friendís box with the ribs he liked. And he saw his new friendís entire box with the other two boxes right next to it, also with the number 10 on it. I donít think that one judge can change a winner or a loser.

OopsÖ. I forgot. Number 10 won ribs by 1 point. One point difference between first and second. I didnít count how many other blue shirts with something about a church on the front there were.

I will say that that looks real suspicious."

Just my opinion. Never put yourself in a iffy situation.
Now that does leave a bad taste in my mouth! Not only because of the suspicion cast, but because of the way it puts churches in a bad light.,,,,,
Play with your food,,, PLEASE!
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