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I couldn't find any fresh zombies but here is a pic of last nights dinner (may as well have been a zombie) and my inspiration for this TD entry.

(not my entry pic)

It's a HungryMan Salisbury steak TV dinner and it lived up to its billing, after eating it..... I was a hungry man.

My entry is an old family recipe called Bife a cavalo. Last time I was at RD I picked up a cryo of sliced top sirloin which was perfect for this dish.

The ingredients....

The steaks were seasoned with SM season all (good stuff) and black pepper, then pan fried in butter on the kettle....

A little sear never hurt...

Once the steaks were done they were set aside I chopped 2 cloves of garlic, browned it and cream was slowly added to the pan and slowly mixed and heated with the pan leavins' (Al Bundy mod) (sorry no pics had company and got sidetracked explaining why I was taking so many pics.)....

Serving suggestion below.... The steaks are placed on a bed of french fries and topped with a fried egg. roasted sweet corn and ice cream for desert....

That's right ice cream, the older microwaves couldn't handle all the different textures in this dish (I'm not sure how the Opti Grill would work either) but my microwave is smart it speaks over 26 different languages (all the hard ones too) and can pull off perfect ice cream, crispy french fries and lovely eggs.....

Thanks for looking.
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