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Originally Posted by otis View Post
Having said that, aren't we overdoing it a bit with our concerns about bits and pieces of a liner that has withstood a high-temp burnout? From a logic standpoint, if that sucker hasn't let go by now, how can the temps we smoke at create problems? In addition, once the drum is seasoned, the baked-on grease creates an additional layer of safety, does it not?

It seems that every forum does a great Paul Revere imitation--"The red lining will kill you! The red lining will kill you!!". And from what I can find out about this phenol-based liner, it does release some really nasty stuff when burned. But is it still an issue once it has been thoroughly burned?
I don't believe he's overdoing it one bit. The way you're stating "thoroughly burned" is objective. Just because the epoxy didn't crumble away at 1200 degrees doesn't mean it won't continue to outgas at 300. Outgassing will create bubbles underneath the greased walls and eventually be released.

I can't speak for the toxicity of the epoxy liner but I wouldn't want any remaining layer in a cooker I'd be using for a number of years.
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