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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck View Post
Red Liner is usually epoxy = hazardous
Norco--you're much more steeped in knowledge than I am on this whole UDS deal, and I have learned much from your threads and responses.

Having said that, aren't we overdoing it a bit with our concerns about bits and pieces of a liner that has withstood a high-temp burnout? From a logic standpoint, if that sucker hasn't let go by now, how can the temps we smoke at create problems? In addition, once the drum is seasoned, the baked-on grease creates an additional layer of safety, does it not?

It seems that every forum does a great Paul Revere imitation--"The red lining will kill you! The red lining will kill you!!". And from what I can find out about this phenol-based liner, it does release some really nasty stuff when burned. But is it still an issue once it has been thoroughly burned?
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