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Here it is right before I put it on the grill.

I had a small spike to 240 when I first put it on, but its been 220-230 since, it seems like its cooking really fast to me, it has been on the grill 45mins now and is already at IT 145*. Do you guys normally see yours cooking so fast? I'm going to go check it with my pen therm to verify temp this is the first time I've used the Maverick. Last time I cooked a tri-tip I used my buddies therm with prob and it went up to 147* really fast and then held there for a long while, once it started to climb again I pulled it. Came out awesome. Drum temp is 215*(I turned it down some alarmed by the quickness of the cook) and meat temp is 149* since I started writing this, just seems fast.
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