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Originally Posted by J_Don View Post
I'm not really sure if it was made by the same manufacturer but I remember seeing a hybrid (I think it was at Sams) that looked just like the one you have but it also had a square firebox/grill added to the charcoal side. It was priced at a little over $300.00 and I almost bought it just for the novelty. The do everything grill of all grills. I'm also like you with that being that there are times when I am rushed and I want something grilled quickly that I will fire up a gasser and add a woodchip box to get a little smoke flavor in my food. Anything cooked outside beats the kitchen IMHO. Congrats on the new toy and keep us posted.
Fiance bought me the one you are talking about for Christmas last year, It has the typical leaks and other issues that you get at that price range but for a do-all in a small area(townhouse for me) it is awesome and haven't had any complaints on the food yet. Haven't even bought a propane tank yet for the gas side so can't say much about that side except I'm itchin to try out the searer. Ribs is about the longest cook so far, will have to do some gasketing before trying to do butts or have a bunch of charcoal on stand-by. I did build a basket for it though.
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